1:1 coaching sessions

1:1 coaching sessions available from September, please contact Rae directly

If you would like to find out more then please contact me on 07763242435 or by email on raewalkercoaching@gmail.com


Life coaching is an interactive process between equals. I will support you to achieve your goals, in addition to creating a balance in all areas of your life. Through reflective listening and effective questioning, we can move beyond the barriers that are holding you back and your self-imposed limits. I can be a sounding board when choices need to be made, and challenges or resistance need to be worked through. Coaching is action and solution focussed.

As a coach, I have a variety of methods to help you make positive life changes through a process of self- discovery. The “answers are within us” we simply need guidance to find them.

Coaching helps develop new attitudes, behaviours and focusses your energy to achieve them.

Heal Your Life coaching includes the basic philosophy of Louise Hay, which is that self – approval and self-love is part of the solution, no matter what area of your life you want to change. It is a more spiritual process, which acknowledges that the power and presence within, us guides and directs us. In this style of coaching, you would develop inner skills such as meditation, visualisation, and affirmations.

As a Headteacher, I was trained in Coaching in Leadership through Fife Council and then trained senior and middle managers in the same course. I coached fellow Headteachers, and my own staff, through their Professional Review and Development process. As a Headteacher, I regularly had coaching to support me, both professionally and personally.