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Our inter-connectedness


I’ve swithered about whether to post this or not. Since the Jubilee weekend I’ve heard people express mixed feelings about the whole event. I had a down day recently, after watching the news, and that familiar feeling of hopelessness washed over me, leaving me drained and tired. I decided to watch the Party at the Palace again, and from the first scene of the Queen with Paddington, I could feel the negativity shift and I felt lighter. Given the impact it had on helping lift my energies, I finally decided to post the original writing.


Whether you are Royalist or not, if you watched any of the Jubilee celebrations, I’m guessing you might have been moved by the scenes in London. Watching the crowds in The Mall, people coming together from all over the country and indeed the world, was wonderful. The feeling of togetherness, the community spirit and the love, for me, was palpable. Some people who were interviewed talked about the positive energy of the events. The sheer volume of people exuding that energy must have been an incredible experience. It got me thinking about the power of our inter-connectedness. There is a Chinese Proverb that says “The flapping of the wings of a butterfly can be felt at the other side of the world.” Small actions are capable of generating large changes, positive or not, which in turn write history.


Many years ago, I read a short story by Ray Bradbury called “The Sound of Thunder”. I won’t give too much a way, but briefly it’s a tale of people going back in time. It was crucial for them to stay on the ‘levitating path’, as even the smallest alteration to the distant past could snowball into a catastrophic historical change. After a hunting incident goes wrong, Eckels, one of the main characters falls off the path. On returning to their own time, their world was very different to the one they had left. Confused and knowing what he had done, he checked his boot and found a crushed butterfly!! The story is worth reading as its symbolism, highlights how small actions can change the course of history.


Listening to what the many volunteers who were honoured at the Jubilee do for their communities, was humbling. They are inspirational and do their volunteering with energy, enthusiasm, positivity, commitment and love.

More often than not, we have no idea the impact our words or actions have, or the difference they make. As we move forward let’s hang on to the positivity of the Jubilee weekend, and avoid the social media gossip and sensationalist news reporting.


My hope and prayer is that the positive vibration and light from the Jubilee, has rippled out across the world and like the butterfly flapping it’s wings, has touched the hearts and minds of others.


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