Our Inter-connectedness

Our inter-connectedness   I’ve swithered about whether to post this or not. Since the Jubilee weekend I’ve heard people express mixed feelings about the whole event. I had a down day [...]

What is the opposite of love?

What is the opposite of love? What would your answer be?  Most of us might say hate, but let me be devil’s advocate, how about fear? We have so many fears: we fear what we don’t understand, a [...]

Mining for God

Mining for God   I recently had the privilege of talking to a former Chief Inspector of Prisons, about his work. My interest in his work came from my previous role as Headteacher, where some [...]

The Power of One Voice

I sat in the garden listening to a blackbird, his beautiful song soaring over the sound of traffic, as people returned home from a day at work. I couldn’t see him at first and then I spotted him, [...]