About Rae Walker

My journey of self-healing began after my father died suddenly when I was aged 18. Following his death, I had to confront years worth of unresolved grief – grief that ultimatley led to both physical and emotional health issues: The Mind/Body/Soul connection.

A few years later, I discovered Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Body”, which eventually became “You can Heal Your Life”. This is a book I have read and re-read and have referred to so often during challenging times. Every time it helps me understand what negative emotions are causing me dis-ease.

I worked in the Education system for 36 years, initially as a class teacher, then a Depute Headteacher and finally as a Headteacher in some of the most deprived areas in Fife, Scotland.  I saw families experiencing the most challenging and at times traumatic situations, and saw the impact this had on both their emotional and physical health. Having personal understanding of how negative messages and belief systems impact on us, helped me see this in the children and parents I worked with.

My aim was to find ways to support families and allow both children and parents/carers to find ways to empower themselves and to start their journey of “Reclaiming” and understanding their lives and who they could be.

I embarked on a number of courses over the years to give me greater understanding of myself and through this, I naturally understood others better. Introduction to Counselling, Introduction to CRUSE training, a course on loss and bereavement, Investment in Excellence, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and trained to deliver workshops and training in “You Can Heal your Life” which was an incredibly powerful and revealing course.

Some of the areas we explore in The You can Heal Your Life course are:

  • Identifying negative messages and changing them into positive affirmations.
  • Belief systems that hold us back from realising our true potential.
  • Releasing any anger or resentment we may have held on to and forgiving ourselves, and possibly others.
  • Practising visualisation and meditation to create positive changes


In the “Reclaim Your Life” workshop we explore :

  • An introduction to the tools of Transactional Analysis (TA)
  • How the Power of Gratitude makes a difference even in dark times.
  • How self- acceptance and being kind to ourselves and others can have a positive impact on how we feel.
  • Explore how our thoughts, and internal self-talk can affect ourselves, others and our life experiences.
  • Through TA we explore meeting our Inner Child, our “free child “.
  • Thinking beyond ourselves to the wider world we share with others.