I have been coaching people for several years, both in their professional and/or personal lives.

In my previous role as Headteacher, I coached staff and Headteacher colleagues. I supported and enabled them to set goals and move forward with clarity and purpose.

Although most people prefer to have coaching face to face, we know this isn’t always feasible, so sessions can be via a phone call or Zoom

What do clients bring to a coaching session?

Some clients have a particular area of concern and need a few sessions to work through things, other clients may want to make significant life changes and their sessions could be ongoing over a few months.  For others, it can be a desire to make life even more fulfilling, by addressing specific areas of concern. Coaching can help get us back on track by supporting us to set goals and keep us focussed and motivated. Should we get stuck, it can offer us a different perspective and solutions, to help us move forward.

The cost is a sliding scale from £60 to £40 for an hour, depending on your circumstances. We can discuss this at our initial session.

Heal Your Life Coaching:

  • Encourages and supports clients to practice looking after themselves, or self- care
  • Offers guidance in making life changes.
  • Supports the client find balance in all areas of their lives.
  • Helps clients move beyond self-imposed limitations.
  • Supports and encourages the client, when challenges come up.
  • Helps clients to Trust themselves at a deeper level
  • To believe in their dreams and goals, and, develop behaviours and attitudes that enable them to achieve them.
  • Supports clients in their journey of self-discovery