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Given the current situation we are in, there will be no further training dates issued until the situation settles. I will let you know as soon as possible about training dates, as soon as restrictions are lifted. Coaching sessions can continue and be arranged, please email me to arrange a suitable time.

If like so many you are struggling the media and the negative messages which are inducing fear, I have changed my language in line with my training.  I am not in lockdown or social distancing,   I am creating a safe and loving space for myself and others 

Do you feel that your inner self-talk and negative beliefs from both past and present, prevent you from achieving the life you want?

If your answer is yes – are you ready to make changes to help you achieve your dreams? I will be running Heal Your Life and Reclaim Your Life workshops that will allow group members to identify what is holding them back and help them to move forward. You will learn that self- acceptance and self- love are the basis for making positive changes. Easy to say, not always easy to do. We will use meditations, affirmations, visualisations and other practices, to help you on your journey towards growth and positive life changes. These will help you think differently and break down the roadblocks to success. All areas of your life can be improved.


I am a fully qualified, licensed and certified Heal Your Life ® workshop leader and coach.

Life Goals

My aim is to allow you to works towards achieving your dreams by developing a stronger connection between your mind, body & soul.

Coaching Days

I provide Heal Your Life ® and Reclaim Your Life training.  These are usually 2.5 days or 10 week study course.

Workshops & Courses


1:1 Coaching


Heal Your Life


Meditation Group


  • Very rewarding and releasing, pace was relaxed, comfortable and supportive. Venue was perfect.

  • Loved the material, handouts, books and the meditations.

  • Loved all of it, but especially the visualisations, reflections and sharing, the affirmation bath was incredible!

  • 9 points of philosophy was thought provoking and challenged my thinking.

  • I now have a great awareness of how my past has impacted on who I am today and what is holding me back.

  • Loved visiting my childhood experiences, which wasn’t always good but I was able to feel forgiveness towards my parents by end of Day 2.

  • 2 Day training was amazing, would love my son to attend, well worth the money.

  • Left with a feeling of enlightenment and a greater awareness of seeing things more clearly and the patterns that have shaped my life and held me back.

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